Learning to pick and choose lotto numbers can be one of the most challenging activities that one can engage in. But with the advancement in technology, many people are moving towards the use of technology and use of software to help them find and pick the lucky lotto numbers.

The software that has been developed range from mathematical analysis software to e-books that have been authored by experts or even lotto retailers. But the good thing about all this is that it is meant to ensure the success which is defined by one winning a lottery. The process of selecting lotto numbers has always been an exercise that is fun and interesting to engage in, and it is not about to stop.

lotto numbersSo how do you choose these lotto numbers successively? The first thing that almost all people that have engaged in this agree is that you should always endeavor to play to win. But while you are at this, you are supposed to do it with an open mind. Additionally, it is important to consult a lotto number picking expert if at all there is anybody known like within your area. But besides the above, here are some other tips that you can put into the application when you are selecting lotto numbers.

Spread your numbers

When you are selecting your lotto numbers, ensure that you spread them across a wide range of digits. Avoid using a certain number of combinations as they are played and put forward by a large number of players, such that even if you win, you will end up splitting the jackpot amongst many people who will have a less financial impact on your side.

When selecting your numbers, also avoid selecting numbers that are multiples of 5 and 7 as they are popular with many people. You can also use numbers that are lucky to you but ensure that you have spread them over some different entries.


If you want to play a game that is considered as being smart, it is advisable that you diversify. It is important that you endeavor to play for the bigger jackpots as this is what dreams are made of. But lotto experts will advise that you always play the small jackpots as they have large returns. Besides them offering high winning odds, one has to pay a lower price to participate in them.

Avoid birthday number syndrome

Almost 40% of people who pick lotto numbers, usually use their birthday numbers. Even though you can be sure that everybody will produce a random number, the numbers are usually between 01-30 and selecting such number will mean that you have limited your range of play.choosing lotto numbers


It so happens that at times you can forget to buy tickets for a particular draw, who knows if that was your lack day. To ensure that you keep the dream of winning your lotto jackpot alive until you achieve it, it is advisable that you think of playing lottery subscriptions.

Some of the other tips that you can put into application here include, starting a lottery pool, registering for membership in a lottery syndicate, and ensuring that you always check your numbers before placing a lottery.