Thursday, January 24, 2013

Okay, the Cannon boys are going to be doing a Reddit AMA today (Thursday, Jan. 24) from 1pm to 5pm, Central time. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. So please, sign in or come by and ask us anything! Digital comics, Double Barrel, Top Ten, Johnny Cavalier, Alan Moore, Gene Ha, The Replacement God, The Tick, drawing tools, computer stuff, Grinnell College, or anything else your brain can come up with.

Seriously. Please ask us something.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Double Barrel Issue No. 7 Sneak Peek

We hope you had a fun holiday & New Year's season and all that. You did? Great. Okay, now that the pleasantries are over, let's jump into the seventh installment of DOUBLE BARREL:

Zander and I show you what happened on our recent sledging trek to Antarctica in this month's INTRO CARTOON...Don't worry, it's got a happy ending, unlike pretty much every other story that involves two cartoonists walking across a barren landscape:

Once again HECK delivers two fantastic chapters from a part of the world that NEVER freezes over:

Meanwhile in the Arctic, the cast of CRATER XV discovers that something funny's been happening in one of the old abandoned test moon bases:

Penny and Alfie, the trench's resident feuding journalists, have themselves a little tête-a-tête over beers in the latest installment of PENNY FROM THE FRONT, and afterwards Penny encounters a little surprise from the visiting prostitute:

Jin, now a whopping five years old, hits the lanes in TALES OF JIN:

…And this month's HOW TO describes how to add depth, texture, and mood to your line drawings by spotting black areas:
...PLUS you can now purchase a DRM-free version of Double Barrel, if that's more to your liking. Otherwise, feel free to purchase issue seven through your normal means:

Thanks everyone!

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years Announcements

Issue #7 will be out JANUARY 16

We can't say it enough: Thanks for your patience! Due to a variety of factors Double Barrel went on a little holiday hiatus, but we're back in business and the next issue will be available starting January 16.

HECK and CRATER XV will be in bookstores around MAY

That's right, Top Shelf has already begun pre-promotion of our graphic novels. Click the book covers below to check out more details on Top Shelf's site. We seriously can't be more excited to see these babies in print.

UPDATE: Although some websites list a firm date for release, we're told that realistically it's hard to gauge the exact release date for these books this far in advance. So stay tuned and we'll get you harder numbers this spring!


Kevin's Going to Angoulême, JAN 31 - FEB 2

Kevin will be in France later this month for the Angoulême International Comics Festival. He'll be there as a guest of Editions çà et là, who recently published a French version of FAR ARDEN.