Thursday, October 11, 2012

Double Barrel Issue No. 5 Sneak Peek

At this very moment Zander is walking the floor of the New York Comic Con which means I'm back at the studio scouring his workspace looking for any hidden candy I can steal. While I'm doing that, please enjoy this sneak peek of Double Barrel Issue No. 5, which was released yesterday in all its 114-page glory:

As October is the scariest time of the year, we thought we'd use the INTRO CARTOON to share a few of the things that scare us to death as cartoonists:

HECK serves up TWO chapters this month, and trust me, you'll never look at a talking tree the same way again:

In CRATER XV Shanks desperately tries to escape the bombed-out blockhouse, and Wendy makes a startling and horrifying discovery about her two new astronaut friends:

Meanwhile, in PENNY FROM THE FRONT, Penny confronts Alfie and in the process learns a terrifying truth about her best friend Moose:

We're also extremely pleased (and scared!) to welcome a guest story from Steven Stwalley that is sure frighten the pants off you, called THE DEAD LIVING:

Of course, Jin is his adorable self in TALES OF JIN:

…And this month's HOW TO tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about doing a 24 hour comic:
Thanks to everyone who came out and said hi to us at Fallcon last weekend! And of course if you're in New York this weekend make sure to stop by the Top Shelf table and tell them what you think of ol' Double Barrel. Thanks!

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