Saturday, June 2, 2012

Northeast Ride Cartoon Map [4 days to launch!]


"Northeast Ride"

Today is the Northeast Ride, a huge bike tour around Minneapolis's northeast quadrant. The event is co-organized by Double Barrel's good friend Jamie Schumacher, who has also helped build and promote tons of cartooning events in the area. Jamie asked me to do a cartoon map of the route, which is pretty much my favorite thing to draw in the world, so I jumped on the opportunity right away.

Here's a quick behind the scenes look at how a map like this comes together.

First off, Jamie sent me the exact dimensions of the map as well as a rough version of the map that she marked herself on a google map. This sketch included legend items and organized stops that should be included in the map.

Based on that information I drew a quick rough sketch:

Jamie ran this sketch by the NE Ride Team, and with a few suggestions it was approved. So now I had to make the whole thing actually work. That involved collecting every map of Northeast Minneapolis I could find so that the cartoon map was as functional as it was fun.

Due to time constraints, I focused only on the art side of the map, and let Jamie deal with the map's legend. Here is the tight pencil drawing I submitted, as well as a snapshot detail:

To make a long story short, after the pencils were approved I went in and inked the whole thing and then colored the map in photoshop. The color scheme is based on the NE Ride's own logo colors. The finished map is below -- But to see it in person you can go to the event today and pick up a brochure!

Uh, so you might be confused about all the turkeys in the map. There are turkeys EVERYWHERE in Northeast, and there's a gang of them that roams up and down Johnson street. And for some reason they love standing in front of building doors and staring inside, like some weird fowl version of the Blair Witch Project. Why, here's my friend "Dinner" standing outside my apartment building a few months ago:

Gobble, gobble.

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