Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Double Barrel Press Round-Up


…is pretty much the only thing to say at this point. Zander and I and the Top Shelf team have spent the last week with wide eyes watching all the wonderful press and comments come in through the interwebs. The reaction has been fantastic, and of course makes us want to deliver even better issues every month. Thanks to everyone who took a shot at ol' Double Barrel, and we can't wait to hear what you think of next month's issue!

Here's a quick round-up of all the amazing press we've run across. Dig in!

  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ CBR Robot 6
    "Double Barrel is downright wonderful."
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ Osmosis Online
    "Is any major publisher embracing digital comics in so compelling a manner as Top Shelf right now? ...While I’d be remiss to leave paper comics behind, if books like Double Barrel prove to be the wave of the future, I’ll feel a heck of a lot better about it."
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ The Stranger
    "There's more plot, more character, and more high-concept craziness here in this first issue than you'll find in any three or four collected trade paperbacks from the big two comics publishers. But the reason you should be especially excited for the comic is this: the Cannons have finally gotten the e-comic publishing model right... Double Barrel is a lot of fun, and most importantly, it's a lot of different kinds of fun. If you love (or ever loved) reading comics in a serialized format, I urge you to give Double Barrel a try. I think it's going to be a great ride."
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ The Savage Critics (podcast)
    "Double Barrel is spectacular... It is the closest thing indie comics has to a Shonen Jump Alpha... absurdly satisfying."
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ Institute of Idle Time
    ""Both parts of this double-barreled anthology are excellent... one of the best reasons to embrace digital comics.""
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ USA Today Pop Candy
    "Very promising... I was shocked by just how huge the first issue of Double Barrel is. At 122 pages, it's more than worth the $1.99 price."
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ CBR Robot 6 (preview)
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ ComicsAlliance (preview)
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ Boing Boing
    "The Cannons and Top Shelf are doing something right here. I can't quite pin my finger on it, but I have the feeling this is the true beginning of the future of digital comics."
  • DOUBLE BARREL #1 @ Star Tribune
  • KEVIN & ZANDER CANNON @ ComicsAlliance
    "On June 6, cartoonists Kevin Cannon (Far Arden) and Zander Cannon (Top 10: Smax), along with Top Shelf Comics, are launching a monthly digital comics project that's ambitious in a lot of ways, but is maybe most audacious when it comes to the price... There's plenty packed in these digitized pages."

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