Monday, June 25, 2012

Bad Cartoonist Trivia Night

Here in the Twin Cities there are tons of comics-related events happening all the time, including gallery shows, art swaps, jam comics meetings, lectures, and even the occasional cartoonist camping trip -- but our new FAVORITE event is the Bad Cartoonist Trivia Night at the Bad Waitress restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis. And what a coincidence, the next one is TONIGHT!

Local "Manly Tales of Cowardice" cartoonist Danno Klonowski started this up a few months ago and it's exactly what you'd hope it is: five rounds of nerdy trivia with tons of great prizes (and some not so great ones, I have to admit, but that's the fun of it). And if you know nothing about comics, don't fear -- most of the categories are more pop-culture related, involving topics like "Terrible Ridley Scott films" and "Name that Goosebumps title". The point is, you're sure to have fun even if you don't know the answers.

Plus, it's easy to put back a few while you play because the Bad Waitress has a two-fer-one drink special on Monday nights. You'll actually want to get there a little early to put some food in you too -- follow @BadWaitressDiner on Instagram or @BadWaitressMpls on Twitter to see some of their delicious dishes (I really shouldn't be writing this so close to lunch)...

Oh, and did I mention that the Bad Waitress even coats all the tables with butcher paper beforehand so you can doodle while you eat? Name one other restaurant that goes out of their way for a bunch of cartoonists. You can't.

Currently the king of table sketches is Nick Straight:

The poster I drew for tonight's event includes a not very subtle reference to Downton Abbey, because I've been waiting patiently for MONTHS for Danno to have a round of questions about that show. Of course, now it's been so long since I've seen it so I'd probably get every question wrong, but that's nothing new. Swing by tonight to see what the topics really are:

Nicollet & 26th in Uptown Minneapolis
8-11 pm
Last Mondays of every month!
RSVP (if you want) on the Facebook Event Page

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