Monday, May 21, 2012

Some of Our Friends at SpringCon [16 days to launch!]



Had a great time at SpringCon this weekend. Saturday was a little sauna-like, but the weather broke Saturday night and turned Sunday into a gem.

The best part about these local shows is just having an excuse to see all of our comics friends in one place. We didn't get away from our table that often, but Zander was able to take a quick trip out with the camera in tow. If we posted photos of everyone we enjoyed seeing and talking to at SpringCon it would break the internet, so here are just a few:

Bill Willingham

Peter Gross

Peter Krause

Lance Ward

Jamal Igle

Ryan Kelly

Tim Sievert

Terry Beatty

Gordon McAlpin

Jeff Butler

Paul Fricke

Jon Sloan

Bob Lipski

Christopher Jones

Yikes, there aren't any women in the photos! We'll do a better sweep next time, we promise!

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