Thursday, May 24, 2012

FAQ-a-palooza [13 days until launch]

Friend of Double Barrel Sarah Morean hit us with a barrage of questions regarding Double Barrel, and so when the smoke cleared, we responded! Here goes...

So is "Crater XV" going to be published as a whole? Or just serialized?

Crater XV and Heck are going to be serialized in Double Barrel over the next 12 months, with 1-3 chapters of each appearing in each monthly issue. At the end of the serialization, the projects will be collected into 2 fine hardcovers, and their spaces in Double Barrel will be given over to new ongoing projects. But before you say you're just going to wait for the trade...

And the first issue is 122 pages for 1.99?

That's right -- four chapters of Heck and four chapters of Crater XV, as well as a How-To, some FAQs, a comic introduction by us, some Jin comics, and various other ephemera. Every issue will be $1.99, and they will all be over 50 pages, so after 12 months, you will have shelled out $24 for two complete graphic novels (800 pages total).

Is it on newsprint?

Wait, no. What? Newsprint?! Hold on, I think I need to back up. Double Barrel is digital-only, released on mobile devices and computers via vendors such as iBooks, iVerse, Graphicly and Comixology, or through the Top Shelf app on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Is it paperback sized? Is it magazine sized? What is its size?

I... it... wait! It's... It's the size of your device that you read it on!

For me, it's the size of my iPad screen. For someone with a lot of patience, it's the size of an iPhone. It can be as big as you like on your computer. Top Shelf is packaging it as an ebook in a few different proprietary formats so that it can be distributed by as many e-comics portals as possible.

Is it all black and white?

Heck and Crater XV are all black and white, but Double Barrel itself will have some color stories, as well as color in its interstitial pages. Future serials may be in color as well.

Is Matt Kindt contributing to Double Barrel?

That is a question which we will direct to Matt Kindt the next time we see him.

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