Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double Barrel LAUNCH COUNTDOWN! [18 days left]



Hi Everyone, and welcome to DOUBLE BARREL headquarters, where we'll be slowing rolling out a red carpet to the debut of the launch of our brand new indie pulp anthology. Who are "we", you might ask? The short answer is we're two Cannons who love making comics and who miss the good old days of serialized pulp stories. And since we each have a feature-length pulp graphic novel in the hopper, what better way to roll it out than through DOUBLE BARREL.

DOUBLE BARREL is a digital-only magazine that you can download on the cheap from Comixology, iBooks, iVerse, the Top Shelf app, and pretty much anywhere else you can get ebooks. During this 12-issue run we'll serialize two complete graphic novels: HECK, by Zander Cannon, and CRATER XV, by me, Kevin Cannon.

That's all we're going to say for now. Every day over the next 18 days we'll be posting content relating to the release: sneak peaks of the book, behind-the-scenes shots of your two favorite cartoonists, sketches, and other random stuff that is yet to be determined.

For today's tidbit we're posting the postcard that we're currently handing out at SpringCon. Yes, if you're reading this on May 19th and you live in the Twin Cities, then get your butt over to the state fairgrounds and hang out with us. Zander and I are there at this very moment throwing these postcards at any schmuck who walks by, but we've also got a preview copy of Double Barrel #1 on Zander's ipad, and he'll show it to you if you ask nicely. But if for some reason you live far, far away, here's our promotional postcard, to (hopefully) whet your tastebuds:

[click for a larger version, eh?]

So yeah, check back tomorrow -- and every day -- until Double Barrel launches on June 6!

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