Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Double Barrel LAUNCH COUNTDOWN! [15 days left]

Tuesday Cartooning Tips!

What's your computer setup?
Answered by Zander

Here at Kevin's and my studio, in 2012, we have a fairly modest computer setup:

Mac Mini: Simple, reliable, fast. Used for coloring, touch-ups, and prepress.
23" Acer LCD monitor
MacBook Pro: For home projects and writing.
Epson Stylus 3-in-1 inkjet printer/scanner: For quick, small-format scans. Kevin tells me he ran out of ink on it but never bothered to get more.
Wacom Bamboo tablet: For digital painting and coloring.

Custom-built PC (running Windows 7): Used for scanning, coloring, touch-ups, and pre-press.  I was a long-time Mac guy until I was stuck on a Windows XP machine for a couple years. I got used to it, and then realized when I was set to get a new one that it was going to be significantly cheaper to get a built machine than a Mac, not to mention it could be upgraded more easily. But of course I also have a:
MacBook Pro: This is an old laptop that I bought from Kevin's mom. Used for writing and desk-side Google Image Search.
Wacom 21" Cintiq: Incredibly enough, a gift from a client. I have drawn certain things on it, but have yet to make the leap to all-digital work. It has, however, made my line-art and lettering corrections much faster and much better, and made my coloring an entirely new experience.
23" Acer LCD monitor: High quality second monitor, for reference, email, or ftp while I draw.
19" Acer LCD monitor: Medium quality third monitor, entirely overkill (I put it on there because it was sitting around and there was an extra video-out port).
Microtek Scanmaker 9800XL (large format) scanner: An extremely useful tool-- high-resolution (1200dpi) large-format bitmap scans are primarily what we use this for, and we use it a LOT.
External HD: For backup in case of computer meltdown.

Canon i9900 (large format inkjet): For large, high-quality color printouts (for posters or blueline guides). It's nice to have only one inkjet printer in the studio, since because we use it for everything we print in color, we can focus exclusively on its array of its ink cartridges (and there are a lot).
Brother MFC 7800W (b&w laser 3-in-1): For letter-sized, large volume, crisp black-and-white printouts (for scripts, proofs or layout templates). I highly recommend having a black and white laser printer rather than a color inkjet. The toner cartridges last a long time (say, for printing out a hundred-page script) and the print quality is excellent (say, for printing out a file to be photocopied).

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