Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Digestate Submission [7 days to launch!]



Today I'm going to use this soapbox to promote a cool new project that I'm working on a submission for, called DIGESTATE. This is a comics anthology edited and produced by J.T. Yost, and is a celebration of all things food. Early on in the process we had to pick what section of the anthology we'd be in based on our own eating habits, and I happily signed up for the 'carnivore' section.

The anthology has a lot of big hitters signed on, including Noah van Sciver, Jeffrey Brown, Liz Prince, Box Brown, Hawk Krall, Berkeley Breathed, James Kochalka, Alex Robinson, Renée French, and -- phew, that's just a few. Happy to be included in that list, for sure.

I'm a little tardy in my submission, so I spent this past weekend listening to Twins games on the radio and trying to crank this thing out. Here are some snapshots of the work in progress, a 2-page spread of man-as-maggots covering a pretty nice slab of beef:

But Digestate won't happen without funding! So after you've purchased a copy of Double Barrel please consider heading over to Digestate's kickstarter page and putting down a few bucks to reserve your advance copy!

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  1. Thanks, Kevin. Your piece looks AMAZING! Us vegans are greatly outnumbered in the anthology, so I scrapped the original idea of it being divided.